Dudley Zoo's Conservation Poster

Design: Conservation Poster Design

(Dudley College Project 2013)

Project: Brief to create a conservation chart and fact sheets for animals at Dudley Zoo.
Target Demographic: General public visiting Zoo.

This project brief was a live brief that I did during my second year at Dudley College. The brief was to create a poster using a conservation issues and facts about the animals at the zoo. I was working with two first year photographers who took the pictures of the animals. We chose at least 3 animals that the photographers took images. We chose a Tiger, Lion, Yellow Monogoose and Lemur.

I decided to create a posters with three image from one photography and three from other photography so I created a poster about conservation issues for the chosen animals. Before I started to design the poster, I researched the conservation issues about the animals writing down my research. This helped me to create a factually correct final outcome in the poster. I used illustrator to design using typography, colour and layout using a grid system. Before placing the images from the two photographers, I used Photoshop to create the final piece of design. 

The final poster was been displayed in Dudley Zoo, Dudley, West Midlands in 2013.

Caron's Tiger-01.jpg

Headline: Rewards for students’ wild times.

A partnership between DZG and Dudley College saw 40 media students go wild to produce conservation posters of their favourite endangered species and pick up £250 in cash prizes from the pioneering project.

Click to source: http://www.dudleyzoo.org.uk/rewards-for-students-wild-times/

Left Image: Source Image from Dudley Zoological Gardens Website.

Katie's Tiger-01.jpg
Katie's Lemur final version-01.jpg
Katie's Yellow monogoose-01.jpg
Katie's Lemur final version-02.jpg
Caron's Black and White Ruffed Lemur-01.jpg