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This is the first time that I have blogged, so please excuse me while I get better acquainted with the art of blogging. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since I graduated from Falmouth University and I have delayed putting my portfolio online for a while, but now it's time to seize the day, so here I am blogging.

I have decided after many attempt to create a online website in my own name to show my portfolio. This website is to promote my graphic design projects. It has been slow going but I will get there with projects that need updating or improve the works. There few projects that I consider is worth exploring further and creating new projects. That is my plan for over the summer. 

So far, in terms of work experience I have had three placements with in a smaller studio and another during my final year at university. Since I graduated in June, I done three further placement to gain more experience and give me an insight how these studios are different in term of client's projects and how I able both to work by myself and as part of a team. 

I am constantly updating my portfolio and changing the portfolio layout while trying find a junior designer job. I know it can take a while to find the right job for myself and the right studio to work in. I am constantly learning and developing my skills and looking for inspiration in magazines or online design platforms such as "Design Week" or "It nice that" or Behance design websites. I try to watch the trends in the design industry and always look out for interesting projects or type of work that can inspire me.

I was introduced to photography by my father and have pursed this with passion, there's not a day gone by where I don't have a camera on me. Whether it is the camera on my phone or a DSLR professional camera so I can catch all those precious moments with family and friends.

Here are some of my favourite image...

Wild Cats 1.jpg

Serval Wild Cat

A beautiful Serval Wild Cat, which is an endangered species that I saw whilst on a Wildlife Cats workshop in 2014. The workshop was to enable me to learn how to take photos of wildlife. I came across this species of Serval in her own large enclosure and she was looking towards to me when I took this image. I knew that I had to take the shot. I used a NIKON DSLR D300 with a 70 to 200mm lens. The camera setting was 1/200 seconds at f4.5 with ISO at 400 with the lens set at 200mm to capture this image.

Beauitful Waterfall only in United Kingdom.jpg

St Nectans Glen Woodland and Waterfall

A trip that I went on with my partner just before we were due to leave Falmouth. This was summer 2016 after three years of studying graphic design at university. I was reading something in a Cornwall magazine and came across the image, and it made me think it would be worth visiting this place. My partner and I went for a day out and to challenge myself to take a long exposure photo. I used a NIKON DSLR D7200 that I had recently bought. The camera setting was 3.0 seconds at f11 with ISO at 100 with the lens set at 20mm Sigma wide angle lens.

Miner hertiage site at St Agues.jpg

St Agnes Mining heritage site

The St Agnes Mining heritage site near Perranporth in Cornwall. I have visited this many times because it gives me a different composition each time. I chose this image as I used the building as a focal point as it represents the history of mining in Cornwall against the sky. I used a NIKON DSLR D7200 with the standard lens. The camera setting was 1/250 seconds at f11 with ISO at 200 with lens set at 18mm. I converted the image into black and white in Lightroom.

low rocky river at Kennall Vale.jpg

Kennall Vale near Falmouth, Cornwall

The Kennall Vale near Falmouth was introduced to me by a good friend on my graphic design course. The first time I went place he showed me around and we did a photography session in different locations in the Kennall Vale exploring different compositions. It was a learning process and helped to develop my own style of landscape photography. This image was taken in summer 2016, in early morning and I came across this location with overgrown trees on both sides with a rocky river, I thought it was a good composition and played with the settings to create a long exposure thus giving a different view of the river. The Camera I used was a NIKON D7200 with a standard lens. The camera setting was 3 second at f13 with ISO 640 with lens set at 18mm.

Watch out for my next blog which will feature my holiday to Cornwall, where I will be doing some kite-surfing if the weather is good. Till next time.

Jonathan Holburn