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Return From Holiday

Watergate Bay Beach PSD.jpg

This blog post has been delayed as I took a well earned holiday form my job search last week. During that time I was unable to access my blog account and I need to make an effort to find out how to do that from my mobile device. 

I went back to Cornwall and although I was going to try and add some more photographs to my portfolio I do not have the chance as many of the best places to photograph I had visited during my time at University in Falmouth. Even the minute idea that I had to take some sunset  photographs on the north coast of Cornwall were dashed when I looked at the times of high tide on the beaches with a westerly view to capture the sunset.

Before leaving Cornwall, I did go to my favourite beach, Watergate Bay and did a panoramic view on my IPhone. I have been coming to this beach both with my family and my partner and as I enjoy water sports including Kite Surfing and surfing, this is a great place to try out the sports and have fun in the sea. I plan return to this location next summer and will explore more areas around Newquay and north coast of Cornwall. This would allow for me more time to do landscape photography of Cornwall.

Today, I have been updating my portfolio again because I did went to London before I went on holiday. I meet a senior designer who reviewed my portfolio and gave me some career advice to helping me where I need to work on in my portfolio including the need to refresh or update the design layout. I have taken his advice and feedback on-board and create a brand new portfolio with new design layout. The senior designer gave me some feedback after the changes and said it looks so much better. Clearer to look at and decode.

Which is a short and simple answer!

I have spent a day to update my portfolio and I did refresh the work of my project that I did at University. I hope this brand new portfolio will help me to find employment as a junior designer and further my career in the United Kingdoms. 

Till next time.

Jonathan Holburn