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Photography: What's in my bag? Part Two

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This is a second part of what’s in my bag which features my GoPro kits and the computer system used for both my photography post production and my graphic design works. My GoPro hero4 camera, is something I used when doing things in the water such as surfing or kitesurfing to capture photographs of myself.

I haven’t used it much since 2015 but I am planning this year to use it to capture the motions of waves while in the sea. I have found out how to do this by watching YouTube tutorials. I have to use this camera to start out in wave photography because I found out the water housing for my main camera would too expensive to experiment with initially. If by experimenting using the GoPro I become successful in capturing wave motion. GoPro hero4 Camera have a waterproof housing and floaty attachment to use it in the water.

_GoPro Hero4.jpg

I also have the following accessories for the GoPro Hero4
-GoPro mount attachment kits
-extended battery pack
-spare rechargeable battery with dual battery charger
-GoPro three way (grip, arm and tripod)
-GoPro head strap

Post Production Work & Editing
In the past, I used to have Macbook Pro laptop since I starting out in college doing graphic designer in 2011. That laptop had been through college, university and travels with me on location. It has seen a lot of works and has been broken twice but now the motherboard cannot be replaced so it is just sitting around unused. 

I now use an iMac desktop since 2016. It is a fantastic workhorse to use for both graphic design and photography loaded with Creative Cloud software.   


Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)
This is the workhorse for my graphic design and photography work using all of software in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite including Lightroom and Photoshop.

Adobe Lightroom
Used to edit and organise my library of photographic images. 

Seagate expansion hard drive of 2TB backup
This holds all of my media and backup system including my graphic design work and photographs including a back up of Lightroom Catalogs and RAW Photos. This is my secondary backup of RAW Photographs and Lightroom Catalogs. 

Blue Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive 2TB with protection case
This is my main photography media store, including the Lightroom Catalogs and all RAW photographs. This would enable me to seamlessly switch from laptop to desktop without ever having to sync folders or re-edit images although as I don’t have a working laptop this is less necessary .

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and will see you again in my next blog post.

Till next time.