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Returning to my blog


Hello and welcome back to my blog! I know it has been a while since my last blog but I have been busy and other things have happened. Hopefully, now I will post more regularly.

One of the things that have occupied me is the re-design of my website and moving it from the Adobe platform to Squarespace. One of the problems with my previous website was it took a long time to upload content to the site and with my design heavy website that took a lot of effort

I, therefore, started to look for alternative sites both that could give me better visuals and faster upload speeds. I found Squarespace and was impressed both by the range of templates they had and that they could incorporate my design portfolio to give me a chance to show my work off.

I also found that using the templates allowed me to upload my content much quicker making it easier to update the site and keep it up to date. I would recommend that if you are looking for an easy to use platform for a creative website then take a look at Squarespace as I have found it a good all in one solution to my previous problems (and I have no links with Squarespace apart from being a satisfied customer) While I have uploaded some of my work to the website some other work I have done in the recent past cannot be included in the website as it is subject to client confidentiality agreements given when I undertook that work. I am still looking for a junior graphic designer job in West Midlands or Worcestershire area. It had been difficult to find that first job since university with my lack of experience but I have undertaken a few freelance jobs that I can show on the website. I will keep hunting for a job and working as a freelance in the interim. 

I have just had a fantastic week on holiday in Cornwall where I did some wedding photography for a relative’s wedding and went on a landscape photography course. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I will see you again on my next blog post. 

Till next time.