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Trying new habits (while hoping my ankle injury heals)


Hello and welcome back to my blog. I am aiming to upload a blog post twice a week, one on Monday and one on Thursday for the next couple of weeks to try to get into the habit of writing posts. 

Having come back from holiday last week I was planning to play in the NVL volleyball final matches so went training. Unfortunately, during training, I went over on my ankle and was unable to continue training. 

I went to the Emergency Department where an X-ray showed I had not broken my ankle but only badly sprained it but I was put in a boot and told to rest for a period. This means I have been at home for the last 2 weeks resting and only walking with the foam boot and crutches.


I have used the time at home to upload some of my photography on Instagram. You can see the images at 

I have been trying to create my own gallery on Instagram and have taken inspiration for other photographers on there but never try to copy any one style as the thing I have learned by looking at these others is each has developed their own style and this has allowed them to push their own brands and photography.

It is clear to me that if I want to develop as a photographer I have to have a presence on social media including Instagram and have taken tips from looking at how others with much greater following have used social media and my plan is to develop my own contents on a number of social media platforms as I increase my knowledge and experience.

As a first step, I am going to upload a landscape or seascape photograph at the same time each day as I enjoy photographing both landscapes and seascapes and enjoy walking the coast particularly in Cornwall where I also surfing and Kite Surfing. I am not planning to restrict my photography to Cornwall and plan to visit other areas to compare and contrast the landscapes of different parts of our country. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I will see you again on my next blog post. 

Till next time.